Deciding on whether you need a stable blanket or a turnout blanket would depend on whether or not your horse is going to have access to wetter elements.  Stable blankets are NOT waterproof, and are normally used when your horse is kept in the barn. Stable blankets come in much more variety of colors and normally have a seam or binding on the back or top and contoured on the rear.

Turnout blankets are waterproof, or at least water resistant and typically have a smaller neckline than the stable blanket to fit higher up on the horse’s neckline. They are billowy, and have crisscross belly straps as a part of their design allowing for more room.

There are a few exceptions, that some blankets such as our Big D Grand Prix Stable blanket has a 1000 denier shell and is both water and wind resistant. It’s a very warm blanket, breathable and excellent in colder weather.

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