Quality repairs are less costly, generally stronger and longer lasting than purchasing new equipment.

All repairs are made by experienced tailors using large commercial sewing machines.

Our quality repairs range from simple rips, holes and tears to rebuilding and restoring.

Horse Blanket Repair Before & After

Miscellaneous repairs and custom work:
Do you need new Velcro to replace old worn out Velcro? Blankets, hoods, neck wraps, leg wear etc.. Just ask and you probably wont need to spend the extra money you’ll need to buy new.

Adjustments to poor fitting equipment:
Does your horses equipment not fit right, and resulting in chaffing or you would like to close the front of the blanket up?

We carry a large selection of quality hardware and supplies from buckles, snaps, slides, sircingles, D-Rings, Zippers etc….to conquer just about any kind of repair.

We even repair hood slickers (also called sleazys)

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