Big D Throat Latch Snap Halter


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– Our Big “D” halters are built to last.
– We use rot resistant heavy duty nylon that is doubled and tripled for strength.
– Our exclusive heavy duty brass plated buckles, rings, and squares are designed for years of use.
– Buckles are designed for easy on and off use.
– Our exclusive designed buckle tongue is 5mm in thickness for extra strength.
– Halters can be custom made with any combination of colors.
– Coordinating leads (5/8″ or 3/4″) and accessories are available in all colors.


A great way to personalize halters or promote an event. We offer monogramming on either the noseband or the cheek. Monogramming can be done on an overlay only. Font used. BLOCK. ALL CAPS ONLY.
Maximum Number of Letters: Noseband 18 or Cheek 16 Letters. If you are interested in monogramming please contact us for more info and pricing.


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